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Robert G. Moser, Chair BAT 2.116, Mailcode A1800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-5121

Spring 2006

GOV 365N • The Politics of Social Reform and Revolution

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
37935 MWF
2:00 PM-3:00 PM
BUR 136

Course Description

Upper-division standing required. This course will analyze the response of countries across the world to the so-called "social question," i.e., the poverty, inequality, and insecurity exacerbated by industrialization. We will first examine the three great social revolutions, i.e., the French Revolution starting in 1789, the Russian revolution starting in 1917, and the Chinese Revolution starting in 1911. We will then analyze reformist efforts to deal with the social questions, focusing on the rise and decline of welfare states in Europe. We will pay special attention to the differences in the systems of social protection instituted by various countries. Thereafter, the course will examine efforts at social reformism and attempts at revolution in Latin America. Finally, we will take a close look at social policy in a special case--the United States.

Grading Policy

1 six-seven page essay paper about questions distributed by the instructor; midterm and final examinations; 2 quizzes about the readings. Strict attendance policy. Rigorous enforcement of scholastic honesty norms.


Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels, The Communist Manifesto (any edition) Theda Skocpol, States and Social Revolutions (Cambridge UP, 1979) Evelyne Huber & John D. Stephens, Development and Crisis of the Welfare State (Univ. Chicago Pr., 2001) William Julius Wilson, When Work Disappears (Vintage, 1996) Coursepack with xeroxed journal articles and book chapters


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