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Robert G. Moser, Chair BAT 2.116, Mailcode A1800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-5121

Spring 2007

GOV 358 • Introduction to Public Policy

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
38850 TTh
3:30 PM-5:00 PM

Course Description

In this course you will: 1) familiarize yourself with the basic concepts and problems related to public policy making and analysis as well as the fundamental concepts of systems theory; 2) demonstrate your capacity to apply these tools to current public policy issues; 3) work individually and collectively with an investigative team to design and carry out an original public policy research project on a cutting-edge policy issue -- one that utilizes the theoretical and analytical tools described above; 4) using one or more forms of multimedia (for example, the creation of videos, Websites, Power Point presentations) help to organize and present your team's original research findings to the class;

Grading Policy

Grades will be based primarily on quizzes, tests, and your performance on an original group report. Test (20 points) Mid-Term (25 points) Exam (30 points) Attendance (5 points)


  • Course packet
  • Student subscription to The New York Times
  • Deborah Stone Policy Paradox
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