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Robert G. Moser, Chair BAT 2.116, Mailcode A1800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-5121

Spring 2007

GOV 370L • Campaigns and Elections

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
38925 MW
3:00 PM-4:30 PM
CAL 100

Course Description

This course is designed to introduce students to the concepts and consequences associated with American political campaigns. We are particularly focused on three levels of inquiry: (1) the theories and broad perspectives that animate the study of elections and campaigns, (2) the empirical analyses of campaign effects, and (3) the nuts and bolts of contemporary electioneering. Substantively, we will cover the decision to run, campaign organizations, campaign finance, polling, strategy, targeting, advertising, and get-out-the-vote activities. The class will consist of lectures, although late in the semester some class time will be devoted to student presentations (students will be assigned to campaign teams and are responsible for presentations in front of a panel of experts).

Grading Policy

Two midterm examinations One in-class presentation One 12-page research paper


Shaw, D., The Race to 270, University of Chicago Press. Shea, D. and M. Burton, Campaign Craft, Praeger Press. Johnson, D., No Place for Amateurs, Routledge Press.


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