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Robert G. Moser, Chair BAT 2.116, Mailcode A1800, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-5121

Fall 2007

GOV 388L • 6-International Political Economy

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
40305 TH
3:30 PM-6:30 PM
WEL 3.266

Course Description

This graduate course will survey the most recent prominent contributions to the study of international political economy. We will explore such questions as why do states trade? Under what conditions do governments restrict international commerce? How does capital mobility constrain national economic policy? What is the role of international organizations such as the IMF and the World Bank in fostering development? The course is structured so as to create a dialogue between scholarship in political science and economics in two broad areas: the political economy of international trade and international monetary relations. This dialogue will focus on theoretical questionssuch as the application of tools developed first in economics, such as price theory and standard trade theory, to understand political outcomesand empirical questions that explore the reciprocal interaction between markets and political behavior in the international system.

Grading Policy

Discussion: 20% Two short papers: 20% Long paper: 30% Final: 30%


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