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Spring 2008

GOV 337M • Democracy and Democratization-W

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
39320 TTh
2:00 PM-3:30 PM
GAR 2.128

Course Description

Democracy and Democratization in Latin America - deals with the post-1980 emergence of democracy throughout Latin America and with the problems associated with its stability and sustainability. The course does not assume much background in Latin American politics, so it starts with a quick reading of a standard text on Latin American politics. It then moves on to a careful reading of Dahl's Polyarchy, while at the same time providing some basic essentials on social science methodology. Dahl is then followed by some seleceted follow-up readings. The main assignment of the course is the write a research paper (18-20 pp.) that takes one or more arguments from Dahl and then uses them to analyze a case chosen by the student from Latin America. This assignment will expct the student to do a good deal of independent research, using in particular the resources of the Benson Latin American Collection on campus. Each student will write a research proposal, a first draft of the paper, and a final draft, and will also prepare an oral presentation on the paper for the class.

Grading Policy

Research proposal - 20% First draft - 20% Final draft - 30% Oral presentation - 10% Class participation throughout the semester - 20%


Blake, Politics of Latin America Dahl, Polyarchy Packet of selected readings


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