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International Relations

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS focuses on the relations among independent states and the sources of state behavior. Since independent states are not regulated by a common government, they must confront the problem of how to enforce any agreements they might reach, and bear in mind the fact that the use of force is an option available to any state. Much of the literature about international relations focuses on the effects of these propositions. At the University of Texas, the field of international relations is divided into the following sub-fields: conflict (including the study of wars, military crises, alliances, and the like); international political economy; foreign policy (which includes the foreign policies of individual countries, the comparative study of foreign policy, and the relations between domestic politics and foreign policy); and international law and organization.


The core course, GOV 388K The Study of International Relations is required of all students choosing international relations as one of their fields. In addition, all students are urged to take a graduate-level course in macroeconomics.

Preparation for Preliminary Examinations

Preparation for the preliminary examination should be guided by the interests and background of the individual student, and therefore the best guide to preparation is consultation with the faculty in the field. Students are expected to be able to answer questions in two of the sub-fields listed above on the preliminary examination, in addition to general questions pertaining to the field as a whole. In addition to courses in the Government Department, every student should have taken at least the equivalent of an undergraduate course in international economics and an undergraduate course on diplomatic history that covers at least the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

Spring 2014 Preliminary Exam

Fall 2013 Preliminary Exam, Spring 2013 Preliminary Exam, Fall 2012 Preliminary Exam, Spring 2012 Preliminary Exam, Spring 2011 Preliminary Exam, Fall 2010 Preliminary Exam, Past preliminary examinations


Listing of Graduate Courses

  • America and the World Economy
  • Competing Approaches to World Politics
  • Force and Politics
  • International Political Economy
  • Study of International Conflict
  • Study of International Relations*
  • The Politics of Partition
  • Theory and International Relations
  • Seminar in U.S. Foreign Policy
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