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Faculty Advising

The Graduate Adviser advises graduate students about their program of study, certifies that students meet departmental and university requirements, and administers departmental admissions, financial aid, and placement. Representing the Vice President and Dean of Graduate Studies in all matters pertaining to the graduate program in the Department, the Graduate Adviser is the principal liaison between the Department and the Graduate School.

Upon entering the program, each student is assigned a faculty advisor by the Graduate Adviser. Faculty advisors are usually in a student's principal field of interest and provide specific advice about faculty, courses, research, and job placement in that field. Students should meet with their faculty advisor at the beginning of each semester to discuss the student's program of study. Each semester a short report on this meeting will be filed by the faculty advisor with the Government Graduate Office. The completion and return of this form is required prior to student registration in order to permit students to register for the upcoming semester. Students who fail to meet with their faculty advisor and submit a completed advising form will not be permitted to register for the next semester.

Students are free to change faculty advisors at any time, subject to the approval of a new faculty advisor and notification of the Graduate Adviser. A student's faculty advisor is superseded by the dissertation supervisor when the student advances to candidacy.

Each student is ultimately responsible for meeting the departmental requirements and deadlines outlined in this document, as well as the University's requirements listed in The Graduate Catalog.

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