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Allison White

B.A. Politics, Occidental College; M.A. Social Sciences, The University of Chicago

Ph.D Candidate
Allison White


Russian elections and political parties; dominant party authoritarian regimes

GOV F310L • American Government

85070 • Summer 2013
Meets MTWTHF 1130am-100pm CAL 100
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Twelve semester hours of college coursework and a passing score on the reading section of the Texas Higher Education Assessment (THEA) test (or an appropriate assessment test).

Course Description

This course will provide a basic survey of American government, including fundamental political institutions, federal, state, and local, with special attention to the United States and Texas Constitutions. Through this class, students will become more informed citizens or observers of the United States and its system of government. 

Grading Policy

This course will consist of three multiple-choice exams (each worth 20%) and three homework assignments (each worth 6.67%) that are designed to link the course material to current events and help students develop writing and analytic thinking skills. Participation will account for the final 20% of the grade. Participation will be assessed based on various in-class activities that will be announced at the beginning of class. There are also two optional assignments, which will count as extra credit toward your final grade.


Theodore J. Lowi, Benjamin Ginsberg and Kenneth A. Shepsle and Stephen Ansolabehere. American Government: Power and Purpose, Full Twelfth Edition with policy chapters. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2012

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GOV 310L • American Government

38675 • Spring 2013
Meets MWF 100pm-200pm MEZ 1.306
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