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Carly Herold

PhD Candidate, University of Texas at Austin, MA, University of Texas at Austin, BA, Tufts University.

Carly Herold



Classical Greek and Roman and early modern political philosophy; the impact of public intellectualism and science on politics; modern paternalism and republicanism; comparative constitutional law; constitutional theory; how democracies deal with non-democratic or anti-democratic elements within a polity.


Instructor, Rhodes College

2013    Politics and Religion of Rome, Christianity, and Islam. Discussion and writing-intensive course covering works of political philosophy, theology, literature, and history in order to help address great questions of politics and religion still faced today.

Teaching Assistant, University of Texas at Austin

2012    The Supreme Court and Public Policy. 

2011    The American Presidency.

2010    The Structure of Individual Liberties.

2009    US and Latin-American Relations.

2009    Might and Right among Nations.

2008    Liberty, Equality, and Democracy: America’s Founding Principles.

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