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Jennifer E. Lamm

Master of Arts, University of Texas at Austin

Jennifer E. Lamm


Jennifer E. Lamm is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Government at the University of Texas at Austin. A former naval officer, her dissertation explores the implications of alien military service for our understanding of citizenship, belonging, and civic obligation in the United States.


American Politics, Public Law, APD, theories of citizenship and sovereignty, military and politics

GOV 310L • American Government

39000 • Spring 2014
Meets MW 300pm-430pm MEZ 1.306
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Students must have completed twelve semester hours of college credit and

received a passing score on the reading section of the Texas Higher Education

Assessment (THEA) or another appropriate test before enrolling in this course.


Course Description

This course introduces students to the basic functions, institutions, and principles of

American government. By the end of the course students will be able to explain the

key features and design of American government, their evolution, and the major

constellation of forces in political life today. We will also study Texas government and

local politics. The course is divided into three parts. The first section covers the legal

and theoretical foundations of the American political system and government. The

second section examines the origins of and current structure of the basic institutions of

U.S. and Texas government including the Congress, Executive, and Judiciary. The third

and final part explores a variety of topics including political parties, voter participation,

the role of media, and interest groups in the political process.


Grading Policy

This course uses a variety of methods and media to facilitate student learning and

evaluate student achievement. Course evaluation is based on a 100 point scale.


This course uses the plus and minus system to assign grades as follows:

A   93-100

A-  90-92.99

B+ 87-89.99

B   83-86.99

B-  80-82.99

C+ 77-79.99

C   73-76.99

C-  70-72.99

D+ 67-69.99

D   63-66.99

D-  60-62.99

F    Below 60


Final grades are awarded based on:

5%    Participation

20%  Quizzes

15%  Short Paper

60%  Exams



Students may earn up to 5 points toward their final grade for active class participation.



Weekly quizzes comprise 20% of your final grade. A total of 12 quizzes will be given.

I drop the lowest 2 quiz grades. You may earn a maximum of 20 quiz points.  


Short Paper

One 2-page essay is worth 15% of your final grade.



Three non-cumulative exams comprise 60% of your final grade. Each exam is worth 20 points. 


Required Text

Theodore Lowi. American Government: Power and Purpose (12th Full edition). Norton and Co.

Any format (hardcover, paperback, e-book is fine but students need the "12th Full edition".

GOV 310L • American Government

39020 • Fall 2013
Meets MWF 200pm-300pm CLA 0.128
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This course is an introduction to American government and politics.  While the main focus is on the national level, additional attention is paid to the state and local governments of Texas. Topics will include U.S. political history, political institutions, elections, public opinion, rights and freedoms, and public policy issues.

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