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Lewis Fallis

BA, The University of Texas at Austin

Lewis Fallis



Political Theory, Public Law

GOV 312P • Constitutnl Prins: Core Texts

37863 • Spring 2015
Meets TTH 200pm-330pm CBA 4.344
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Close readings from primary texts that have shaped or that reflect deeply upon American democracy, including the Declaration of Independance, the Federalist Papers, and Tocqueville's Democracy in America.  Fulfills second half of the legislative requirement for government. May be taken for credit only once. Government 312R and 312P may not both be counted for credit.

GOV 314 • Classics Of Socl/Polit Thought

38784 • Fall 2014
Meets MWF 1000am-1100am CAL 419
(also listed as CTI 302 )
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Explores the origins of social scientific thought in the history of political philosophy and traces the development of one or more of the social sciences in modern times. Focuses on fundamental ideas about human nature, civil society, and politics, explored through reading such authors as Aristotle, Aquinas, Locke, Rousseau, Marx, Weber, Durkheim, and Freud.




We will use the plus / minus grading system for this class.  Quizzes, tests, and attendance will be graded numerically.  Papers and participation in discussion sections will be given letter grades.  In order to calculate your final grade, these will be translated into number grades as follows:


A: 96; A-: 91; B+: 88; B: 84.5; B-: 81; C+: 78; C: 74.5; C-: 71; D: 65; F: 30


Final grades are calculated numerically, then translated into a letter grade using the following scale. Please note: Grades will not be rounded up! You need a 93 average to get an A.


A: 93-100; A-: 90-93; B+: 87-90; B: 83-87; B-: 80-83; C+: 77-80; C: 73-77; C-: 70-73; D: 60-70; F: below 60.




The following texts and editions are required for this class. No other translations or editions may be used.  They are available in the Co-Op bookstore. You should always bring the book we are discussing that day to class.


Aristotle.  Politics. Trans. Peter Simpson. University of North Carolina Press. ISBN 0807823279.

Thomas Aquinas. On Law, Morality, and Politics, Hackett Publishing. ISBN 9780872206632.

John Locke. Second Treatise of Government. Hackett. ISBN 0915144867.

Smith, Adam. An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, Volumes 1 and 2.

Liberty Fund. ISBN 0865970068 and 0865970076.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau. The Major Political Writings. Trans. John Scott. The University of Chicago Press. ISBN 9780226921860.

Karl Marx. Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844. Prometheus Books. ISBN 087975446X.

Friedrich Hayek. The Road to Serfdom. University of Chicago Press. ISBN 0226320553.



There is also a Course Reader which will be available at the Co-Op Bookstore, which you are all required to purchase.

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