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Inclusion and Exclusion in a Global Context

Government graduate student wins best paper award

Posted: October 7, 2009

Pete Mohanty, a government graduate student, received the Amy Eckert Award for Ethics and International
Relations at September’s International Studies Association-West conference in San Francisco. The award
Pete Mohantywas given to the best graduate paper related to the conference theme: the human consequences of state action. Mohanty’s paper, “The Multitude and the Polis: Inclusion and Exclusion Considered in a Global Context,” considers the fate of the 12 million people worldwide, estimated by the United Nations Human Rights Council, who are stateless, and the millions of other displaced persons across the globe. Mohanty analyzes political theories that vary in prioritizing concepts of security, community, and universalism in thinking about the relationship between citizenship and international relations, and argues for extending greater human rights protections to people unprotected by membership in a political community.

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