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Roy Germano Wins Granof Award

Ph.D. candidate named Michael H. Granof Outstanding Graduate Student

Posted: May 20, 2010

Roy Germano, a Government Ph.D. candidate, has won the Michael H. Granof Outstanding Graduate Student Award, established in 2008 to recognize a graduate student of exceptional distinction and underwritten by the University Co-op.

The recipient of two National Science Foundation Grants and director of the award-winning documentary film, The Other Side of Immigration, which he has shown across the country, Germano is one of the most promising scholars to emerge from the Department of Government.

Germano’s research focuses on an issue of critical substantive and theoretical importance, the conditions shaping international migration from the Third World to the advanced industrialized world. Through extensive survey and field research, Germano demonstrates how market-oriented reforms, such as trade liberalization and international economic integration, were implemented with hopes of stimulating Third World economic development, creating better-paying jobs, and curbing international migration flows. Policy outcomes have not realized these goals, however, and the inability of Third World economies to adequately provide for their citizenry sustains the motivation behind individual migration decisions and induces their governments to support emigration, as remittances sent home from abroad replace domestic social policy.

While scholars have struggled to identify and isolate the political impact of remittances, Germano has demonstrated that receiving remittances diminishes discontent with the new market model, and citizens receiving remittances have therefore been relatively unenthused with populist movements promoting an anti-neoliberal agenda. While the growing flow of remittances indicates deficiencies in market reform, they also contribute to the political consolidation of the new development model.

Germano begins teaching this Fall at the New School for Social Research.

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