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Faculty and Alumni Receive APSA Top Honors

Awards won for research and teaching

Posted: August 29, 2011

As the American Political Science Association gathers this week in Seattle for its annual meeting, several Department of Government faculty and alumni are being recognized for their outstanding research and teaching.

Sean Theriault’s paper on the Gingrich Senators, written with Duke’s David Rhode, is the 2011 recipient of the Congressional Quarterly Press Legislative Studies Section Best Paper Award.

Jeff Tulis’ paper, written with 2003 alumna Nicole Mellow, now an associate professor at Williams College, is the runner up for the Presidency Research Group’s 2011 Founder's Award for best paper. The article is a draft chapter from Tulis’ and Mellow’s forthcoming book, “Legacies of Loss in American Politics,” to be published in 2013 by Princeton University Press.

Finally, Richard Holtzman, a 2006 alumnus, now an assistant professor at Bryant University, is the recipient of the APSA and Pi Sigma Alpha Outstanding Teaching in Political Science Award. Holtzman also received Bryant University Student Senate’s Choice Award for Faculty Cooperation and Support.

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