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Christopher Wlezien Publishes E-Book

2012 and the Timeline of Presidential Elections

Posted: May 23, 2014

2012 Campaign and Timeline of Presidential ElectionsFollowing up on their 2012 publication of The Timeline of Presidential Elections: How Campaigns Do (And Do Not) Matter, Christopher Wlezien, Hogg Professor of Government, and Robert Erikson (Columbia Univeristy), have published an e-book, The 2012 Campaign and the Timeline of Presidential Elections. As the University of Chicgao Press summary explains, Wlezien and Erikson test their arguments against the 2012 election and "show that Obama’s campaign conforms to their projections, and they confirm that it is through campaigns that voters are made aware of--or not made aware of--fundamental factors like candidates’ policy positions that determine which ticket will get their votes. In other words, fundamentals matter, but only because of campaigns."

Wlezien and Erikson published an article in the April issue of PS: Political Science and Politics, "Forecasting US Presidential and Elections Using Economic and Noneconomic Fundamentals." Also in April, Wlezien and Erikson posted "Early campaign economic perceptions can hellp to predict the nation verdict on Election Day," on the London School of Economics and Political Science daily blog on American Politics and Policy.

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