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Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Government

General Area Requirements:

To earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in Government, students must complete all degree plan requirements for their appropriate catalog.

Government Degree Plan (2012-2014)

Government Degree Plan (2010-2012)

Government Degree Plan (2008-2010)

Government Degree Plan (2006-2008)

Major Requirements:

A major in Government requires 27-30 semester hours (depending on catalog) of GOV coursework. Government 310L and 312L are included in the hours counted towards the major. 18 (of the 27-30 hours within the major) must be upper-division.  

Government majors are required to take at least one upper-division course in three of the following six Government sub-fields:
    American Government and Politics
    Comparative Government
    International Government
    Political Theory
    Public Law
    Public Policy
Undergraduate courses listed by subfield

Government Course Descriptions

A “Tools requirement,” designed to train students in the research methods used in political science, is required for students who fall under the 2008-2010 and subsequent catalogs.

Students are not allowed to enroll in more than 9 hours of GOV courses per semester without special permission.

Minor Requirements:

A minor consists of 12 semester hours, including six hours of upper-division coursework, in any one field of study other than Government.  Six of the required 12 hours for the minor must be taken in-residence.

Sample Government 4-Year Plan (2010-2012)

Fulfilling the Legislative Requirement in Government [For All UT Majors]:
The Texas Education Code (Subchapter F, §51.301) requires Texas public university and community college students to complete six semester hours of coursework in government/political science; study of the US and Texas constitutions and related subjects is specified as the required course content.

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