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List of doctoral students starting from 1950s; when info available, we have listed current position


Thomas Franklin Harwood
Dissertation: Great Britain and American Antislavery

Julietta Haynes
Dissertation: A History of the Primitive Baptists

Klaude Kendrick
Dissertation: The History of the Modern Pentecostal Movement

George Henry Reeves
Dissertation: Great Britain and the Unification of Italy

Oliver Morris Refsell
Dissertation: The Massies of Virginia: Documentary History of a Planter Family

Rudolf Albert Renfer
Dissertation: A History of Dallas Theological Seminary

Elizabeth Ann Orman Tuttle
Dissertation: The Crusade against Capital Punishment in Great Britain

William Alphonso Walker, Jr.
Dissertation: Tennessee, 1796-1821


Laura Madge Maier Adkisson
Dissertation: Great Britain and the Kemalist Movement for Turkish Independence, 1919-1923

Milford Francis Allen
Dissertation: United States Government Exploring Expeditions and Natural History, 1800-1840

Betty Brooke Eakle Dobkins
Dissertation: The Spanish Element in Texas Water Law

Escal Franklin Duke
Dissertation: The Political Career of Morris Sheppard, 1875-1941

Charles Edward Frazier, Jr.
Dissertation: The Dawn of Nationalism and Its Consequences in Nicaragua

Nollie Wade Hickman
Dissertation: History of Forest Industries in the Longleaf Pine Belt of East Louisiana and Mississippi, 1840-1915

Billy Bob Lightfoot
Dissertation: The State Delegations in the Congress of the United States, 1789-1801

John Hamilton McNeely
Dissertation: The Politics and Development of the Mexican Land Program

Charles Edward Ronan
Dissertation: Francisco Javier Mariano Clavigero: A Study in Mexican Historiography

Robert B. Waltz
Dissertation: Migration into Arkansas, 1834-1880


Charles Kincheloe Chamberlain
Dissertation: Alexander Watkins Terrell, Citizen, Statesman

Bernard R. Hennes
Dissertation: John Quincy Adams: The Early Years, 1767-1817

Lewis Edgar Hill
Dissertation: The Frontier: An Economic Analysis of a Historical Concept

Frank Butler Josserand
Dissertation: A Study of Richard Wagner's Nationalism

Robert Clemens Reinders
Dissertation: A Social History of New Orleans, 1850-1860


Eugene Henry Korth
Dissertation: The Jesuits and the Struggle for Social Justice in Chile, 1535-1674

Thomas Lloyd Miller
Dissertation: Bounty Land Grants of Texas, 1835-1888

Marguerite Potter
Dissertation: British Policy during the Italo-Ethiopian Crisis

Claud Alson Welborn
Dissertation: Red River as a Boundary between Texas and Oklahoma


George R. Albernathy, Jr.
Dissertation: The English Presbyterians and the Stuart Restoration

Walter Lee Brown
Dissertation: Albert Pike, 1809-1891

James Manly Daniel
Dissertation: The Advance of the Spanish Frontier and the Despoblado

Bedford Keith Hadley
Dissertation: The Enigmatic Padre Mier

James Cardwel Harvey
Dissertation: The French Security Thesis and French Foreign Policy from Paris to Locarno, 1919-1925

James Ervin Helms
Dissertation: Origins and Growth of Protestantism in Mexico to 1920

Forrest McDonald, Jr.
Dissertation: The Economic Interpretation of the Constitution

Kenneth Franklin Neighbours
Dissertation: Robert S. Neighbors in Texas, 1836-1859: A Quarter Century of Frontier Problems

Jim Berry Pearson
Dissertation: A New Mexico Gold Story- the Elizabethtown-Red River Area

J. Claude Roberts
Dissertation: Austria at the Paris Peace Conference: A Diplomatic History of the Treaty of St. Germain

Franklin Delbert Robertson
Dissertation: The Military and Political Career of Mariano Paredes y Arrillaga, 1797-1849


Werner Henry Barth
Dissertation: Germany and the Anschluss

James David Carter
Dissertation: Freemasonry in Texas: Background, History, and Influence to 1846

Emmie Craddock
Dissertation: The New World Frontier as a Factor in the Rise and Decline of Modern Slavery

Jack Allen Haddick
Dissertation: The Administration of Viceroy Jose de Iturrigaray

Howard Lackman
Dissertation: George Thomas Howard, Texas Frontiersman

Herbert Howard Lang
Dissertation: Nineteenth Century Historians of the Gulf States

Ralph Ancil Wooster
Dissertation: The Secession Conventions of the Lower South: A Study of Their Membership


Gertrude Clagette Blake
Dissertation: Charles Elliott, R.N.

Peter Jarrett Coleman
Dissertation: New Zealand: The Evolution of a Social Democracy

Homer Lee Kerr
Dissertation: Migration into Texas, 1865-1880

Lionel Valentine Patenaude
Dissertation: The New Deal and Texas

John Wesley Payne
Dissertation: David Franklin Houston: A Biography

Abe Lincoln Weinberger
Dissertation: Judaism in America: The Influence of America as a New World Frontier upon Judaism of Tradition

Theodore Lawrence White
Dissertation: The Marquis de Ruby's Inspection of the Eastern Presidios on the Northern Frontier of New Spain


Edith Helen Parker
Dissertation: History of Land Grants for Education in Texas

William Martin Pearce, Jr.
Dissertation: A History of the Matador Land and Cattle Company, Limited, from 1882 to 1915

William Wilson White
Dissertation: The Confederate Veteran

Casper George Wolfskill
Dissertation: The New World Frontier and International Law


Densil Highfill Cummins
Dissertation: Social and Economic History of Southwestern Colorado, 1860-1948

Elmer William Flaccus
Dissertation: Guadalupe Victoria: Mexican Revolutionary Patriot and First President, 1786-1843

Lerena Beaufort Friend
Dissertation: The Great Designer-Sam Houston in the American Political Scene

Jack Winton Gunn
Dissertation: The Life of Rufus C. Burleson

Wiley Woodrow Jenkins
Dissertation: William C. C. Claiborne, Governor of the Creoles

Vela Leatrice Lynn
Dissertation: Political Career of Teodosio Lares, 1848-1867

George Boyd Martin-Vegue
Dissertation: The Silversmiths in Mexico-A Study in Colonial Trade Guilds

Joseph Carl McElhannon
Dissertation: Foreign Relations of Imperial Mexico, 1821-1823

Leonard Durvin Parrish
Dissertation: The Life of Nicolas Bravo, Mexican Patriot (1786-1854)

Jesse Guy Smith
Dissertation: A History of Christian Denominations in the Republic of Texas

David Buchanan Trimble
Dissertation: Christopher Gist, 1706-1759

David Martell Viness
Dissertation: The Republic of the Rio Grande: An Example of Separatism in Northern Mexico


Robert Witt Amsler
Dissertation: The Life and Times of Arthur Goodall Wavell

Robert Edward Lee Crane, Jr.
Dissertation: The History of the Revenue Service and the Commerce of the Republic of Texas

Frank Averill Knapp, Jr.
Dissertation: A Life of Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, 1823-1889: A Study of Influence and Obscurity

Robert William Mondy
Dissertation: Jesse Mercer: A Study in Frontier Religion

James Lynn Nichols
Dissertation: The Confederate Engineers

Foster Vance Phipps, Jr.
Dissertation: The Climax of Appeasement: British and French Policy toward the Axis, September, 1938 to March, 1939

Merrill Rippy
Dissertation: Oil and the Mexican Revolution

Preston Buckner Williams
Dissertation: The French Bourgeoisie of the Eve of the Revolution

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