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Fall 2006

HIS 350L • 53-History of Black Entreprn in US-W

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40655 -TBA


Course Description

This course will examine the phenomenon of the superstar black athlete as entrepreneurs in post-Civil Rights America within the context of African American Business history, race, and global capitalism. The course also considers the parallels between the rise of a

For the seminars research project, students will develop case studies which will explore the business activities of superstar black athletes, such as Magic Johnson, contrasted, as an example, with a case study of Michael Jordan. The case studies will proceed from within the students interpretation of the impact of the forces of race, class and the commodification of black cultural expressions on their successes as well as their limitations in the Sports Industry. Also, in their case studies, students will include their perspectives on the rise of superstar black athlete entrepreneurs as an expansion of African American business activities within the context of the expansion of global capitalism. As a basis for a model case study, students will read two Harvard Business School Case Studies of a black entrepreneur in the entertainment industry and another of a franchise ownership by partners, one black, the other white. The case studies will be examined not only by the professor of the course, Dr. Juliet E. K. Walker and a professor in the McCombs business school, but also by invited superstar African American athletes, who will assess students case students from the perspective of the reality of their economic experience in the Sports Industry.


REQUIRED BOOKS Hoberman , John Milton, DARWIN'S ATHLETES: HOW SPORT HAS DAMAGED BLACK AMERICA AND PRESERVED THE MYTH OF RACE Lafeber, Walter MICHAEL JORDAN AND THE NEW GLOBAL CAPITALISM Miller, Patrick B. and David K. Wiggins, eds. SPORT AND THE COLOR LINE: BLACK ATHLETES AND RACE RELATIONS IN TWENTIETH CENTURY AMERICA Shropshire, Kenneth L and Kellen Winslow, IN BLACK AND WHITE: RACE AND SPORTS IN AMERICA Walker, Juliet E. K. , HISTORY OF BLACK BUSINESS IN AMERICA: CAPITALISM, RACE, ENTREPRENEURSHIP Westerbeek, Hans, SPORT BUSINESS IN THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE Williams, Jayson and Steve Friedman, LOOSE BALLS : EASY MONEY, HARD FOULS, CHEAP LAUGHS & TRUE LOVE IN THE NBA HARVARD BUSINESS SCHOOL CASE STUDIES Linda A. Hill , et. Al., Entertainment and Creative Partners, Harvard Business School Case Study, 1995, Order Info below at: David A. Thomas , Deborah J. Evans, Star Distributors, Inc. (A) [Franchise, Black and White partners], Harvard Business School Case Study, 1995. Order info at


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