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Fall 2006

HIS 362K • Medieval Warfare

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40735 -TBA


Course Description

This one semester course will examine the development of warfare between the last Roman Empire and the early modern world (c. 400-1500). It will concentrate on the lands around the Mediterranean including northern and eastern Europe. Students will become acquainted with developments in warfare over the course of more than a millenium through the use of lectures and discussions, readings, photographs, and video. Among other things this course will examine the following topics: the collapse of the Roman military the advent of feudalism the rise of cavalry and its disputed connection to feudalism infantry in medieval warfare the birth of knighthood and chivalry evolving Christian and Muslim views of Just War the Crusades and Crusading orders (such as Knights Templar) the medieval castle and the race between fortifiers and attackers medieval arms and armor the influence of improved missile weapons on medieval warfare the gunpowder revolution of the later Middle Ages

Grading Policy

Grades will be based primarily on a research paper into some aspect of medieval warfare and a number of weekly quizzes, of which the student will be expected to take half. Discussion and class contribution will also will be taken into consideration.


Class notes: compiled from the lectures and provided on the website will be the basis for the quizzes. Charles Oman, The Art of War in the Middle Ages. Articles and documentary selections.


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