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Fall 2006

HIS 364G • Shaping of Israeli Society

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40763 -TBA


Course Description

The purpose of this proposed course is to study the manner in which Israeli society was shaped since the late 19th century through processes of modernization, immigration and absorption. The course will deal with the following issues: The contradictory role of immigration as a process of building a society and as a tool for achieving a demographic majority; Palestine at the turn of the century: the beginning of modernization; The resumption of immigration after the First World War and the shaping of the mandatory "immigration regime"; The Pioneer (Hechalutz) movement and image; The impact of changes in Europe and the American Immigration Laws on the composition of immigration to Palestine; The crisis of the late 1920s and its impact on immigration and emigration; The challenges of the German immigration after 1933: The Transfer Agreement and Youth Immigration project. The beginnings and expansion of illegal immigration in the 1930s The Palestinian Revolt's impact on immigration: the replacement of the "absorptive capacity" principle with "a political ceiling" principle. The deterioration of conditions in Europe and the growth of illegal immigration; The White Paper of May 1939 Immigration during the second world war: a way of political struggle and means of rescue from the Holocaust. The beginning of organized immigration from the Muslim countries during the war; The resumption of illegal immigration after the war and its role in the anti-British struggle; Opening the country's gates after statehood; The absorption of Holocaust survivors; Mass immigration from Europe and the Arab countries; The discussions about and adoption of The Law of Return


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