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Spring 2007

HIS 354D • History of Greece to 146 BC

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This course covers essential developments in the Greek world from the end of the Peloponnesian War to the fall of Greece to Rome in 146 BC. Emphasis will be divided between political and military history (the fall of Greece, Alexander the Great, and the rise of Rome) and study of intellectual, cultural and social developments in the Hellenistic world. Students will sign up for two hours of lecture and one hour of discussion per week. The course website can be found at fallofgreece. Requirements: midterm, final, section participation and writing assignments. There are no prerequisites. The course counts towards the majors in Ancient History and Classics and fulfills the elective or area D requirements.


Xenophon, A History of My Times, ISBN 0-14-044175-1 G. Shipley, The Greek World after Alexander, ISBN 0-415-04618-1 M. M. Austin, The Hellenistic World from Alexander to the Roman Conquest: A Selection of Ancient Sources in Translation, ISBN 0521296668 (paperback) A course packet of discussion section/supplementary lecture readings


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