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Summer 2007

HIS f343M • History of Russia Since 1917

Unique Days Time Location Instructor

Wynn, C

Course Description

This course will examine the political, social, economic, cultural, diplomatic and military developments that shaped Soviet history. We will devote particular attention to four milestone events: the Revolutions of 1917; the Stalinist Revolution; World War II; and the Collapse of the Soviet System in 1991. We will also focus on the Cold War, on why attempts at reform failed under Khrushchev, Gorbachev, and Yeltsin, and the emergence of a dissident movement during the Brezhnev era. How state policies affected ordinary people will be examined throughout the course. Many of the readings in the course packet have been selected with an eye toward introducing you to the major historiographic debates in Soviet history. In addition to the writings of historians, the packet includes participants memoirs. We will also read a novel and view clips from films.

Grading Policy

Three in-class examinations worth one-third each. The exam format will be: three Identifications (35 points each) and two essays (35 points each).


Suny, Ronald Grigor.  The Soviet Experiment. John Thompson, Revolutionary Russia, 1917. Arthur Koestler, Darkness at Noon. Overy, Richard. Russias War


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