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Fall 2007

HIS 350L • The Making of Imperial Germany, 1850-1918-W

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Course Description

This course examines the German-speaking lands in Central and Eastern Europe from approximately 1770 up through the collapse of Bismarck's Reich. The first half of the course will begin with the Holy Roman Empire - the First Reich  and will focus on the political, economic, social and cultural developments within the German lands, with a primary focus on Prussia and Austria, the two "Great Powers" in Central Europe. The Third Germany  comprising areas such as Bavaria, Hamburg, Saxony, etc, etc  will also be examined as their various experiences highlight the multiple meanings of the word German during the 18th and 19th centuries.

The second half of the course will examine the development of the German nation-state under the leadership of Otto von Bismarck and Wilhelm II as well as the multi-ethnic Austro-Hungarian Empire. The focus here will be on state-building and how both states, particularly Germany, constructed "Germans" out of the various regional groups now within its borders. Germany's role in the outbreak and course of the First World War as well as the collapse of Imperial Germany at the end of the conflict will also be investigated. While the primary focus will be on the creation and dissolution of the Imperial German state, we will also examine some of the more important cultural developments within the German lands - romanticism, V├Âlkish ideology, and anti-Semitism. By analyzing the interaction between culture, state and society during the 18th and 19th centuries, we will hopefully be better able to understand the catastrophes of the two world wars and the Third Reichs descent into barbarism.

Grading Policy

Grading breaks down as follows: map quiz - 5%; discussion and one-page reaction papers  20%; mid-term  20%; 8-10 page paper  30%; final exam  25%. Note: There are no make-ups for quizzes or exams without prior notice and medical verification. Each class will be centered on the discussion of that meeting's readings. These discussions will be based on the one page reaction papers that each student will complete for class; these are to be emailed to me the night before class. Each student must complete 15 reaction papers during the semester.


These readings will be supplemented by various internet readings. " Richard J. Evans, Death in Hamburg: Society and Politics in the Cholera Years, 1830-1910 " Alon Confino, The Nation as Local Metaphor: W├╝rttemberg, Imperial Germany and National Memory, 1871-1918 " Isabel Hull, Absolute Destruction: Military Culture and the Practices of War in Imperial Germany " A.J.P. Taylor, Bismarck: The Man and the Statesman " Roger Chickering, Imperial Germany and the Great War, 1914-1918 " There is also a course packet that can be purchased as Paradigm Printing on the corner of Guadalupe & West 24th Street.


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