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Jacqueline Jones, Chair 128 Inner Campus Dr., Stop B7000, GAR 1.104 Austin, TX 78712-1739 • 512-471-3261

Spring 2008

HIS 397L • Paleography

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
40555 M
3:00 PM-6:00 PM
WAG 112

Course Description

This course will deal with techniques that can be invaluable to the archival historian confronting a variety of documentation. Paleography is the study of the scripts used by the scribes who voer the centuries maintained the historical record. Diplomatics is a closely related study of the authenticity (or lack thereof) of documents and the circumstances surrounding their generation. Academic editing will go into the rudiments fo preparing a useful transcription of the document, one which will be of value not only to the student, but to anyone who eventually has access to it through some form of publication.

In keeping with the instructors specialization, the emphasis int he course will be on Spanish paleography. However, since man of the scripts used throughout Europe were fairly similar, students working with English documents of the medieval period are also invited to attend.


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