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Spring 2008

HIS 350L • Women's Liberation in Late Imperial Russia-W

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Course Description

During this seminar we will read original documents and works by researchers dealing with the change in the legal, social, cultural and economic status of women from the small feminist groups emerging after the reforms of Alexander II and until the debates over women's question in 1920s. While in the West the struggle for womens rights was against both the state and a large number of male members of the educated society, in Russia the situation was different. The question of womens rights became part of the reformist agenda of the educated society in its struggle against the oppressive state. Thus the educated women of Russia were in a unique position of enjoying an overwhelming social support for their strivings for equality. Still, they needed to use various political strategies to sustain this support. During the seminar we will debate the merits of various strategies women in Russia used to sustain the cause of gender equality as a political success. During the seminar the students will compose three short papers, all dealing with different time periods, but all based on contemporary documents (in English translation).

Grading Policy

Three short papers: 30% each Six one-page reading reports: 10% total


Blackwell, Alice Stone ed., The Little Grandmother of the Russian Revolution Edmondson, Linda, Feminism in Russia Engels, Barbara, Mothers and Daughters Figner, Vera, Memoirs of a Revolutionist Glickman, Rose, Russian Factory Women Heldt, Barbara, Terrible Perfection Johanson, Christine, Women's Struggle for Higher Education in Russia Steinberg, I., Spiridonova, Revolutionary Terrorist Stepniak-Kravchinskii S., Underground Russia Stites, Richard, The Womens Liberation Movement in Russia


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