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Fall 2008

HIS 383 • Empire and Nation in the City: Habsburg and Ottoman Urban Culture in the Nineteenth Century

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Course Description

This graduate seminar will explore issues of nineteenth century Ottoman and Habsburg historiography through the lens of urban history. The Ottoman portion of the course will focus on the imperial capital and the Balkan lands, while the Habsburg portion will focus on Vienna and other provincial capitals, Budapest, Prague, and Sarajevo (both Ottoman and the Habsburg). Beginning with general readings on the city in history the course will move into historical works on particular cities or groups of cities in the Habsburg and Ottoman realms with a focus on the nineteen century. A number of issues will be addressed by a diverse range of urban histories, such as architecture and urban transformation, ethnic and social interaction or conflict, urban leisure and material culture. The interaction between religious, ethnic or national minorities and empire will be a particular focus of the class.

Grading Policy

Students will have a choice between writing weekly reviews, one longer historiographical essay (15-20 pages) or a research paper (15-20 pages)


Readings will include the following: Carl E. Schorske. Fin-De-Siecle Vienna: Politics and Culture. Edhem Eldem, Daniel Goffman, and Bruce Masters, The Ottoman City between East and West: Aleppo, Izmir, and Istanbul. Catherine Giustino, Tearing Down Prague's Jewish Town. Robert Nemes, The Once and Future Budapest. Lois Dubin, The Port Jews of Habsburg Trieste: Absolutist Politics and Enlightenment Culture. Norman Davies and Roger Morhouse. Microcosm: A Portrait of a Central European City. Raina Gavrilova, Bulgarian Urban Culture in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Mark Mazower, Salonica, City of Ghosts: Christians, Muslims and Jews 1430-1950. Cem Behar, A Neighborhood in Ottoman Istanbul: Fruit Vendors and Civil Servants in the Kasap Ilyas Mahalle. Allen Roger. Spies, Scandals and Sultans: Istanbul in the Twilight of the Ottoman Empire. Patricia HERLIHY Odessa: A History, 1794-1914 The Alcoholic Empire: Vodka & Politics in Late Imperial Russia (Paperback) The Jews of Odessa: A Cultural History, 1794-1881 by Steven Zipperstein (Paperback - Nov 1, 1991)


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