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Fall 2008

HIS 350L • Cuban Revolution - W

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In this seminar, the advanced undergraduate history student will learn the arts of research and writing. Following a discussion of the theory of social revolution, we will focus our efforts on the study of the Cuban Revolution from a number of different perspectives - labor, the peasants, the middle class, the dictatorship, the Cuban Army, US diplomats, the Soviet Union, and the revolutionaries themselves. Thereafter, the students begin their research projects in secondary and primary sources at the Benson Latin American Collection and at the LBJ Presidential Library. Everyone will write an analytical essay based on the required readings (see "first paper" below). Next, the student chooses a specific research topic, reads the secondary literature on that topic and writes a second, exploratory essay. Finally, following this line of inquiry, the student will research in primary materials and write a research paper that is an original contribution to knowledge.

Required Texts: Julia Sweig, Inside the Cuban Revolution. Louis A. Perez, Jr. Cuba: Between Reform and Revolution. Grading: First paper (5 pgs) 200 pts.; Second paper (8 pgs) 300 pts.; Final research paper (20 pgs) 500 pts. Crosslisting: LAS 366


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