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Jacqueline Jones, Chair 128 Inner Campus Dr., Stop B7000, GAR 1.104 Austin, TX 78712-1739 • 512-471-3261

Summer 2008

HIS s365G • Media in the US since 1898

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
86318 MTWThF
1:00 PM-2:30 PM
WEL 2.312

Course Description

In this course we will investigate the evolution of the modern American media environment since the late nineteenth century. We will discuss broad themes, such as gender and the media, governmental censorship during wartime, and globalization. We will also investigate the lives and oeuvres of important auteurs (D.W. Griffith and Orson Welles, among others) as well as specific cases such as the Civil Rights movement, the Vietnam War and the anti-war movement, and American society's decades-long infatuation with crime. We will conclude by discussing the ongoing information revolution and its implications for our lives. Your grade in this class will be based on a midterm, a final, a movie review, and class participation. The midterm will have 4 short-answer identification (ID) questions and an essay. The final will have an additional essay question, and will take place during the regular final exam period. You will also write a (5- to 6-page) movie review in which you provide a textual and critical analysis of a movie of your choice (warning: some movies are better choices than others. No pornography, please), including its reception by critics and the public as well as a shot-by-shot analysis of one major scene. University standards on academic integrity and plagiarism will be strictly enforced in all your work for this class. In addition to the regular class meeting times, we will meet on two evenings during the semester to view films.

Partially fulfills legislative requirement for American History.

Grading Policy

Midterm: 25% Movie review: 25% Final: 30% Class participation: 20%


Andrejevic, Mark. iSpy: Surveillance and Power in the Interactive Era Douglas, Susan. Where the Girls Are Roberts, Gene and Klibanoff, Hank. The Race Beat: The Press, the Civil Rights Struggle, and the Awakening of a Nation Semonche, John. Censoring Sex (more readings TBA)


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