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Spring 2010


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Course Description

This course presents students with the major themes of Algerian history from the sixteenth century to today. This story begins in 1516 and the Ottoman period, when formidable fleets of Algerian corsairs struggled with Spanish, French, and even American ships in the "jihad al-bahr" (jihad at sea). The course ends in the period after a grueling but brilliantly won war of national liberation against colonial France (1954-62) became a revolution betrayed, and Algeria entered a period of civil violence and terrorism that claimed hundreds of thousands of victims in the 1990s. Algeria's history intersects several fields of study (European, African, and Middle Eastern studies) and the course seeks to give expression to the country’s multi-religious and multi-linguistic traditions. Therefore, students should be ready to cross methodological and cultural borders.

Grading Policy

Grades: Midterm 25% Final Exam 35% Writing 25% Participation 15% Plus/Minus grading will be used for all grading in this course. The grade scale is as follows: 100-93% = A; 92-90% = A- ; 89-87% = B+ ; 86-83% = B ; 82-80% = B- ; 79-77% = C+ ; 76-73% = C ; 72-70% = C- ; 69-67% = D+ ; 66-63% = D ; 62-60% = D- ; below 60% = F.


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