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Jacqueline Jones, Chair 128 Inner Campus Dr., Stop B7000, GAR 1.104 Austin, TX 78712-1739 • 512-471-3261

Fall 2004

HIS 375K • Tudor England, 1485-1603

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
38530 TTh
11:00 AM-12:30 PM
GAR 109

Course Description

This lecture course explores the most significant political, religious social, economic and cultural developments in sixteenth-century England. The main themes of the course are the development of the modern state, the Protestant Reformation, the emergence of a capitalist society, and the growth of political and religious divisions during the reigns of Queen Mary I (1553-1558) and Queen Elizabeth I (1558-1603). The lectures are topical and therefore do not follow a strict chronological order. Many of the lectures are slide-illustrated.


Tentative Reading: Susan Brigden, NEW WORLDS, LOST WORLDS: THE RULE OF THE TUDORS, 1485-1603 Christopher Haigh, ENGLISH REFORMATIONS Thomas More, UTOPIA Keith Wrightson, EARTHLY NECESSITIES Christopher Haigh, ELIZABETH I


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