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Jacqueline Jones, Chair 128 Inner Campus Dr., Stop B7000, GAR 1.104 Austin, TX 78712-1739 • 512-471-3261

Spring 2005

HIS 388K • 2-Intel Hist Indo-Iran Islam

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
37670 W
3:00 PM-6:00 PM
CAL 22

Course Description

The theme of this course is the influence of Iran and Iranian culture on the intellectual history of Islam in India. Weekly readings and discussions will cover the various topics: Iranian theories of kingship and political organization of Indian sultanates; the spread of Sufism from Iran and Central Asia into India, and the Sufis' role as preachers of Islam; Persian literary influence on Indian literary forms, especially poetry, chronicles, and ethical writings; Persian language and its influence on Indian languages; Persian architecture and painting and their influences on Indian arts.

Several short oral/written reports; one long research paper.


Readings from Schimmel, The Mystic Dimensions of Islam; Hodgson, The Venture of Islam; Sachau (ed. Embree), Al-Beruni's India; and xeroxed readings; perhaps some library reserves.


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