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Lecture: "Memoirs of a Mujaheed"

Mon, May 3, 2010 • 2:00 PM • Texas Union, Texas Governors' Room 3.116


A lecture by Hamou Amirouche, author of Akfadou: Un An Avec le Colonel Amirouche. Amirouche will discuss his recently published memoirs and his career as a freedom fighter for Algerian independence from France, 1954-62. The book is an indictment of the French occcupation of Algeria and the injustices of colonial rule, as they were experienced by a young man who became a mujaheed at the age of 18.

But Amirouche's book is also an indictment of those who subsequently confiscated the Revolution to lead a corrupt and undemocratic Algerian state. It provides an important rethinking of Algeria's ongoing political violence--an Islamist-led revolt begun in 1992, or the "new Algerian war." The book's nuanced and frank commentary has prompted a sharp debate in Algeria and beyond on the legacies of the Revolution.

Hamou Amirouche has been a visiting professor at California State University; San Marcos; Mesa College; Foundation College; a visiting scholar at Harvard University; and an official in the Algerian Government. In addition to his memoirs, he is the author of numerous articles and op-eds commenting on contemporary Algerian politics.

Sponsored by: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, History Dept.

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