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Christopher Heaney

B.A., Yale University

Christopher Heaney



Christopher Heaney is a Harrington Doctoral Fellow in the History Graduate program at the University of Texas at Austin, and the executive editor of The Appendix: A New Journal of Narrative and Experimental History.

After graduating from Yale University with a B.A. in Latin American Studies, he worked in journalism for several years, including a life-changing stint at the oral history project StoryCorps. In the fall of 2005, a Fulbright Fellowship took him to Peru to continue his undergraduate research on the explorer Hiram Bingham and the excavation of Machu Picchu. The year of research in Cuzco and Lima produced articles for The New Republic and Legal Affairs Magazine, and an Op-Ed for the New York Times, and, ultimately, Cradle of Gold: The Story of Hiram Bingham, a Real-Life Indiana Jones, and the Search for Machu Picchu (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), his first book.

His dissertation, "Andean Afterlives," explores the excavation, study, circulation, and decay of pre-Columbian mummies and skulls from Peru in the Americas, from the late 18th century to the mid-twentieth. As much a history of indigenous bodies and race as it is a history of science, archaeology, and objects, it retraces the Peruvian roots of key shifts in hemispheric archaeology and argues for the methodological turn of treating the dead as lasting legal, intellectual, cultural, and political actors.


At UT, Heaney studies the history of archaeology and indigenous peoples in the Americas, particularly Peru, knowledge production in the Atlantic World, museum-building, race and nation-building, and grave-robbing, the world's second-oldest profession.
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