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John Vurpillat

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

John Vurpillat



My dissertation, The Other Cross of Gold: The United States and the Search for Global Monetary Stability, 1867-1901, examines the transnational debates and diplomatic struggles over the international gold standard during the late nineteenth century as a window into the larger process of Victorian era globalization.

As an academic historian, I am interested in pursuing questions of U.S. foreign policymaking that have emerged from my first extensive study. One conclusion that has been clarified in my work thus far is the incredible pressures and constraints imposed on policymakers by global economic externalities and the extent to which these new challenges often defied normative economic thought.

I am interested in a set of related fields: international relations, the history of economic thought, globalization, and consumerism.

HIS S315L • The United States Since 1865

85440 • Summer 2013
Meets MTWTHF 100pm-230pm GEA 105
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The United States in the last 150 years has been transformed from a peripheral nation in world affairs to a recognizably modern society and nation-state at the center of global events. In this course, we will survey the modernization of the United States, focusing on the role war has played in these political, economic, and cultural changes

Alan Brinkley, Unfinished Nation vol. II, 6th edition (2009)

Robert A. Devine, Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace (2000)

Lewis L. Gould, The Modern American Presidency (2003)

Course grades will be +/- letter grades based on these assignments:


In-Class Team Assignments      20%

Journal Entries (5 x 2%)          10%

Reading Quizzes (5 x 2%)       10%

Midterm Exams (5 x 10%)       50%

Final In-Class Presentation      10%

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