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Kyle K Shelton

BA, Kalamazoo College

Kyle K Shelton



I am working towards a PhD in 20th Century United States History with a focus on urban/environmental history. For my dissertation I am studying the mobility debates that occurred in the city of Houston from 1950-1985. Specifically, I am interested in how the debates around highways and mass transit provided Houstonians with entry into the city's broader governance and allowed for the projection of competing views for the future of the city. 


20th Century U.S. History; Urban History; Environmental History; Community History; Mobility and Transportation Systems.

HIS S315K • The United States, 1492-1865

85435 • Summer 2013
Meets MTWTHF 1000am-1130am CMA 2.306
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This is a survey course of the history of the United States and North America from 1492 to 1865. This class will explore the major political, economic, social, and cultural events of this period by tracing important themes and topics of US history. This includes, but is not limited to, territorial expansion and boundaries, migration and mobility, American religions, the creation and maintenance of the US government, the formation of American identity, and finally the struggle to attain and define rights and freedom. Class work will consist of readings, discussion, and individual and group work on from both secondary texts and primary documents, two in-class exams (a midterm and a final), and a short (2-page) outside of class writing assignment.

Required Texts:

Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty! An American History, Volume 1. Brief 3rd Edition (New York: W.W. Norton), 2012.(Can be purchased as either an eBook or paperback. For eBook, visit W.W. Norton website.)


David Shi and Holly Mayer, For the Record: A Documentary History Of America, Volume 1: From First Contact Through Reconstruction 5th Edition (New York: W.W. Norton), 2012.


Harriet Beecher Stowe, Uncle Tom’s Cabin (Penguin Classic Edition will be used by the professor, but any edition post-1980 is acceptable.)


Additional Readings will be posted to Blackboard by the Professor.


Attendance (10%)

Participation/Group Work (20%)

Primary Source Paper (20%)

In-class Midterm (20%)

In-class Final (30%)

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