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Reem Elghonimi

B.S., Information Systems, summa cum laude; M.A., Humanities, University of Texas at Dallas

PhD Candidate


After working professionally as a computer science engineer and traveling as an information technology consultant, I switched careers in order to study the history of Islam in Europe and America. I earned my Master's degree with distinction for a portfolio which included a review of the historiography of the German Peasants' War of 1525 and a research project situating Arab natural philosophy in seventeenth-century England. I was awarded the Robert Plant Armstrong Fellowship in Spring 2011.

My dissertation project deals with the presence of Islam, Muslims, and Arabic intellectual and popular culture in various forms in England, 1558-1708. Whereas the previous opinion of this cultural presence focuses on the idealization and rhetorical strategies it allowed, conversions to Islam and adoption of symbols, beliefs and ideas were a reality of the time and indelibly left a historical record. I plan on bringing the history of science and cultural history closer together to study the content of Arabic science on the island.

I have received a research-year fellowship for 2014/2015  from the Department of History at the University of Texas at Austin. I plan to visit archives in the U.S. and England as well as visiting Spain and Sicily to conduct research on material culture.


Islam and Arabic Culture in the Atlantic; Elizabethan and Stuart England; History of Science; Alchemy; Technology and Husbandry; Intellectual, Popular and Material Culture; Political Theory
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