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H.W. Brands’ “American Dreams” book signing, June 16

ShelfLife blog post: “American Dreams” mean different things to different people, but for historian and University of Texas Professor H.W. Brands, it’s the title of his latest book.

Posted: June 24, 2010
Prof. H.W. Brands

Prof. H.W. Brands

American Dreams: The United States Since 1945 (Penguin Press, June 2010) takes a historical journey from the end of World War II to the Obama administration.

“After spending a lot of time dealing with the nineteenth century, I decided to return to the twentieth — and, not coincidentally to that part of American history I’ve lived through (most of it, anyway). It’s almost like writing a memoir,” says Brands of his latest endeavor.

Beginning his story with a victorious America — a nation arising more powerful after WWII and with the Great Depression a thing of the past — anything seemed optimistically possible. He tells the story of what comes next, interweaving six decades of our nation’s triumphs and woes: from its politics and war to its culture and society.

In a recent review, The Economist coined the book as “…a primer or refresher on America — from the Vietnam War to the civil-rights movement to the space race to the sexual shenanigans of Bill Clinton — this is a crisp, balanced and easily digestible narrative.”

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By Michelle Bryant, College of Liberal Arts

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