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Richard P. Meier, Chair CLA 4.304, Mailcode B5100, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-1701

American Sign Language (ASL) Program

The Study of Signed Languages

The sign program within the Department of Linguistics has two main missions:

  • to offer language instruction in American Sign Language, and
  • to offer advanced training in research on the linguistics of signed languages.

Fulfilling the Foreign Language Requirement. Undergraduates may fulfill the College of Liberal Arts’ foreign language requirement by taking ASL language courses.

Beginning Fall 2013, we will offer a new 3-course sequence to fulfill the language requirement: ASL 601D, 610D, and 311D. The titles for the courses are:

601D: ASL I Beginning

610D: ASL II Beginning, Second Semester

311D: ASL III Intermediate

Generally, 601D and 311D will be offered during fall semesters, and 610D will be offered during spring semesters.

However, during 2013-2014, courses from our previous sequence will also be offered in order for students who started the sequence before Fall 2013 to complete their requirement.

The following is our course offering only for the 2013-14 long semesters:

Fall 2013: ASL 601D & ASL 312K

Spring 2014: ASL 610D & ASL 312L

2014-2015 will contain only the new sequence courses. The summer 2014 course offerings have yet to be determined; please check back at this site for updated information.

ASL Placement Test: students who have gained knowledge of ASL prior to coming to UT may seek to receive credit-by-examination for our lower-level courses. This computer-administered placement test is generally offered at the beginning of each semester. Please contact the Measurement & Evaluation Center for further information.

Upper Division Courses in ASL

Currently the Department of Linguistics also offers four upper division courses as part of its ASL Program.

  • ASL 320: Advanced American Sign Language Conversation. The prerequisite for this course is ASL 312L (or 311D) with a grade of at least a C.
  • ASL 336: Introduction to Sign Interpreting. The prerequisite for this course is ASL 312L (or 311D) with a grade of at least a C.
  • ASL 326(= LIN 350): Signed Languages/Signing Communities. This course is an introduction to the linguistics of signed languages and is taught in English (or in ASL with an interpreter providing English translations). There is no prerequisite for this course. It is not assumed that students will have taken the ASL language courses. This course is generally offered as a Substantial Writing Component course.
  • ASL 350: American Sign Language Literature. This course will use ASL literature to expand ASL skills. Focuses on story telling, role shifts and classifiers.

All inquiries regarding ASL should be directed to Gina Pollard at 512-471-1701 or by email,

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