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Advising Excellence Award Goes to Linguistics Advisor

Jessica Cochran is Recognized by Her College Colleagues

Posted: March 16, 2012

At the March 9 wide retreat for all undergraduate advisors in Liberal Arts, the undergraduate coordinator/advisor in Linguistics, Jessica Cochran, one of three the three Advising Excellence Awards went to our very own Jessica Cochran, who is the undergraduate coordinator and advisor in the Department of Linguistics.. These awards were made on the basis of nominations and votes from her advising colleagues.  Here's what was said about Jessica at the retreat.

"Advising Excellence Awards are given to individuals who demonstrate superior performance in their work with students and advising colleagues. Our first award goes to an adviser who is able to balance course scheduling and advising. She presented on course scheduling at a College Advisors Meeting last year and in the words of one nominator 'with good humor explained what I thought was unexplainable.'  Another nominator wrote, 'she is always willing to work with students looking for classes.… and always volunteers at college wide events.'"

Congratulations to Jessica for her great work!

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