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Computers Are Running Into the Problem of Polysemy.

Associate Professor Katrin Erk Tackles Key Issues in Word Meaning.

Posted: August 15, 2013

In her studies of word meaning, Associate Professor of Linguistics Katrin Erk has run repeatedly into the problem of word meaning. How can a learner--whether a child, a second language learner, or a computer--figure out the sense of a highly polysemous word like, for example, the English word "run"? Must the learner amass a long mental list of definitions, like the entry for "run" in a good dictionary? Now Prof. Erk has taken a new path. Instead of running her desktop machines for days, she runs her programs on the supercomputers of the Texas Advanced Computing Center. On a single run, her program can run through a billion words before she runs back to her office from class. For more information on Prof. Erk's current research, visit:

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