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Pattie Epps Awarded ACLS Fellowship

Highly competitive award to support her project on linguistic diversity in the Amazon.

Posted: February 27, 2014

Associate Professor Pattie Epps has been awarded a fellowship from the American Council of Learned Societies. This highly competitive award will give her  time, during Academic Year 2014-15, to focus on her research into "Linguistic Diversity and the Amazonian Puzzle." Her project explores the question of why Lowland South America is so much more linguistically diverse than many other regions of the world. She takes the perspective that linguistic differentiation across Amazonian groups is less a result of isolation than of interaction grounded in specific sociocultural practices. Her evidence includes widespread patterns of restrained lexical borrowing and code-switching amongst Amazonian languages, combined with convergence in grammar and discourse. She also investigates the recurrence of regional ‘systems’ across the Amazon basin, characterized by similarly essentializing views linking language and identity. The announcement from ACLS of the award to Prof. Epps can be found at:

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