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British Academy Awards Leverhulme Small Grant to Colin Bannard

Award Supports Collaborative Research with Danielle Matthews on Statistical Learning in Child Language Development

Posted: March 13, 2014

Assistant Professor Colin Bannard and his collaborator Dr. Danielle Matthews (University of Sheffield, UK) have been awarded $16,600 by the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences. The award will support their research project "What Role Does Statistical Learning Play in Children's Pragmatic Development?". Building on a larger three-year project conducted by Dr. Matthews in which she followed developing communicative behaviors in a group of children from 11 months on, the project will look at how children's statistical learning abilities (that is, their ability to identify and flexibly use statistical patterns in the language they hear) determine the informativity of their own utterances at three years of age. The research will take place in children's homes in the UK and in our new Child Language Lab here in Department of Linguistics.

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