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CMES Outreach began experimenting with webinars in the spring of 2013. Upcoming offerings will be announced on the Hemispheres Web site.

Webinar archive:

Intro to Mid East Webinar #1 (January 31, 2013)

This webinar introduced the southwest Asia / North Africa region and discussed why the region is popularly known as "The Middle East."  It looked at the demographics of the region, and discussed some of the social and political pressures that led to the Arab Spring.

Click here to access the archived recording of the Webinar.

The PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded here.

Intro to Mid East Webinar #2: (February 14, 2013)

This webinar divided the Middle East into seven smaller cultural sub-regions and discussed the history and unique features of each.

Click here to access the archived recording of the webinar.

The PowerPoint (with notes!) can be downloaded from here.

Video clips used in the Presentation:

The language videos for Arabic, Persian, and Turkish that were showed can be accessed through the Listen2Learn project at UCLA:
(For the record: UCLA did this on a grant to support the learning of "Islamic languages" - we would love to find something similar for Hebrew; if anyone knows of a good resources, please let us know!)

The Hajj-Ritual of Purity video is on Vimeo and can be downloaded.

Videos that can not be downloaded but are worth viewing include:

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