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Kamran Scot Aghaie, Chair CAL 528 | 204 W 21st St F9400 | Austin, TX 78712-1029 • 512-471-3881

Spring 2006

MES 381 • Israel's Political Culture

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
41190 W
2:00 PM-5:00 PM
PAR 214

Course Description

Description: A graduate seminar intended for students of the Middle East who have an interest in studying the political and cultural character of the State of Israel. A creation of European Zionism, Israel was founded as a secular entity on the principles of Western democracies, albeit with a strong desire to maintain a Jewish identity. However, the state's precarious existence in the midst of the Arab World, demographic changes due to the influx of Jewish immigrants from Asia and Africa, and the existence of a large Arab minority, as well as economic changes, have reshaped the country. Hence, Israel today is a land of change, contrast and contradictions. The course will focus on a variety of issues related to politics and culture.

Grading Policy

Test: 25% Paper: 30% Book report: 15% Readings: 20% Class attendance: 10%


1. Mahler, G., Politics and Government in Israel, 2004 2. a course packet


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