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Kamran Scot Aghaie, Chair CAL 528 | 204 W 21st St F9400 | Austin, TX 78712-1029 • 512-471-3881

Summer 2009


Unique Days Time Location Instructor
86155 MTWThF
10:00 AM-11:30 AM
BUR 208

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the religion of Islam. It is designed for students with a general interest in the Islamic world, in religion, or in History. We will examine the theology, history, and main social and legal institutions of Islam. Islam, as a major system of belief in the world, is experienced by Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Consequently, besides studying the basic tenets and texts of the religion, this course will focus on the variety of ways in which Muslims and non-Muslims have understood and interpreted Islam. We will review the debates surrounding the life of the prophet of Islam, Islamic pre-modern and modern history, the Islamic concept of God and society, the role of women, and finally, Islamic government and movements. The course is designed for students with a general interest in the Islamic world, religions, or history. No prior knowledge of Islam or Islamic history is necessary

Grading Policy

Class Participation 25% Weekly Quizzes (very short multiple choice) 25% Midterm 25% Final Exam 25%


Fazlur Rahman. Islam. F.M. Denny. An Introduction to Islam. F. E. Peters. A Reader on Classical Islam N.J. Dawood. The Koran. Ira Lapidus. A History of Islamic Societies.


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