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Kamran Scot Aghaie, Chair CAL 528 | 204 W 21st St F9400 | Austin, TX 78712-1029 • 512-471-3881

Fall 2005

HEB 325 • Advanced Conversation and Composition - Hebrew

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
40530 MWF
1:00 PM-2:00 PM
PAR 214

Course Description

The objective of the course is to improve the students' speaking proficiency as well as writing skills. Based on text from Hebrew newspapers and magazines that provides key words, various topics are discussed in class. Preference is given to contemporary issues. Students are encouraged to express themselves in Hebrew, regardless of the limitations of their vocabulary. They are also expected to debate the topics among themselves. At the conclusion of each discussion, the subject is summarized in writing. In addition to practicing free expression in Hebrew, the written assignments are aimed at learning proper syntax and style.

Grading Policy

Oral report: 15% Term paper: 15% Written assignments: 20% Class discussions: 40% Attendance: 10%


Text will be provided.


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