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Fall 2005

PRS 329 • Persian Newspaper Reading

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
41170 TTh
2:00 PM-3:30 PM
PAR 214
Hillmann, M

Course Description

Third-year Persian: Persian Newspaper Reading This upper-division reading course, conducted in Persian, consists of the study of representative features and contents of Persian-language newspapers with the primary purpose of helping students learn to deal on their own with typical Persian-language newspapers after the course. The course is designed specifically (but not exclusively) for Iranian-American students who have an interest in keeping up with news from and about Iran in Persian-language print media originating in Iran, Europe, and America. Some course lessons are adapted from M. Hillmanns Persian Newspaper Reader: Second Edition (2000), Persian Vocabulary Acquisition: Second Edition (2003), and Reading Iran Reading Iranians: Second Edition Revised (2003). Other lessons focus on specific issues of three newspapers: Iran Times (weekly, USA), International Ettelaat (daily, UK), and (the Internet version of) Hamshahri (daily, Tehran). The core course reading materials appear in a packet of lesson modules called Persian Newspaper Reading, available for purchase at Paradigm Books on the first day of the course. Students will also obtain copies of specific issues of three newspapers (arrangements for their acquisition to be decided). And students will have access to a partial, preliminary manuscript of Dictionary of Newer Persian Words (2007), compiled by M. Hillmann et al.

Grading Policy

Class participation: 60% of course grade Four review tests: 10% of the course grade each


"Persian Newspaper Reading" Course Packet


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