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Kamran Scot Aghaie, Chair CAL 528 | 204 W 21st St F9400 | Austin, TX 78712-1029 • 512-471-3881

Fall 2005

TUR 320K • Third-Year Turkish I

Unique Days Time Location Instructor
41310 TTh
12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Course Description

By the end of the semester students should reach intermediate-High level (Turkish Proficiency Guidelines) in four basic language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, as well as culture. Students should be able to speak and handle successfully a variety of communicative tasks and social situations, participate in conversations on topics beyond the most immediate needs; e.g., personal history and leisure time activities. I expect that they listen and understand face-to-face conversations, announcements and reports over the media, listen and understand sentence-length utterances, and main ideas and most details of connected discourse on a variety of topics. Reading is important part of this course. Students should be able to read with increased understanding texts dealing with a variety of basic and social needs, and write short paragraphs, take notes on familiar topics, and respond in writing to personal questions.

Grading Policy

20% Homework 20% Thirty minutes weekly oral comprehension exercise with the Turkish TA 30% Quizzes 30% Final exam


Depending on students' research, and personal interest we will read newspaper, and scholarly articles about history, economics, and social life as well as literary pieces of appropriate length and level of difficulty.


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