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"Saved by Translation: German Scholarship in Turkish Exile (1933-1945)”

Tue, October 11, 2011 • 3:30 PM • SAC 1.106

Literary and Cultural Event Series
"Saved by Translation: German Scholarship in Turkish Exile (1933-1945)”
Azade Seyhan
October 11, 2011
3:30 PM
SAC 1.106

This is the story of a unique cultural encounter between professors exiled from Hitler’s Germany and Turkish universities that offered them refuge and intellectual community.  This neglected chapter of exile history provides a framework for questions of cultural and intellectual exchange between radically different worlds; the survival of knowledge in and as translation; and the critique of German modernity from a site beyond the frontiers of the Western world.

Azade Seyhan is the Fairbank Professor in the Humanities, Professor of German and Comparative Literature, and adjunct professor of Philosophy at Bryn Mawr College.  She is the author of Representation and Its Discontents: The Critical Legacy of German Romanticism (U of California P, 1992); Writing Outside the Nation (Princeton UP, 2001); and Tales of Crossed Destinies: The Modern Turkish Novel in a Comparative Context (MLA, 2008).  She has published and lectured extensively on German Idealism and Romanticism, critical theory, exile narratives, Turkish-German literature, Turkish political humor, the modern Turkish novel, and translation and cultural transfer.





Sponsored by: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Program in Comparative Literature, the Chair in Ethnic and Third World Literatures, the Center for European Studies, and the Department of Religious Studies.

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