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Alexander Kreger

Middle Eastern Studies, UT Austin



I'm a musician with a particular interest in Turkish folk music, currently pursuing Masters degrees in Middle Eastern Studies and ethnomusicology. In 2011-12 I studied the Anatolian long-necked lute saz with Mansur Bildik in Vienna, joining him for television and stage performances in Turkey. Since then I have continued my study of Turkish folk music as a performer on the saz, and as a scholar/ethnomusicologist. I have studied Turkish language independently, as an ARIT-BU fellow at the Bosphorus University Advanced Turkish Language Program, and most recently with Dr. Jeannette Okur at UT. During the 2014-15 academic year I will conduct participant-observation research on music within Tahtaci Alevi communities in the Kaz Mountains of Balikesir, Turkey. In preparation for this work I am working to establish a foundational understanding of Alevi spirituality, folklore of the Kaz Mountains region, and of course Turkish history and society in general. Additionally, some theoretical interests of mine I look forward to exploring in greater detail include linguistics, memory and space/place.

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